Gandhi - Decolonization Of British India
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Gandhi - Decolonization Of British India

In 1917, a minor figure in Indian politics thrust himself onto the world stage and soon became the inspirational leader of the most successful nonviolent movement in world history. Mohandas Gandhi waged a decades-long campaign of civil resistance against the mightiest empire the world had known and won independence for the people of India. Their struggle would become the model for people across the globe, from the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, to Solidarity in Eastern Europe and the People Power Movement in the Philippines. But the story of India in the waning years of the Empire does not belong to Gandhi alone.

India had always been defined by its diversity, home to a wide array of cultures, languages, religions, ethnicities, and polities. Gandhis movement was one of many that evolved in those decades. The image of Gandhi in the popular imagination-Gandhi the saintly figure, the father of free India-oversimplifies the past and overlooks the important contributions of others. These ever p
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