Star Realms Crisis, 4 Mini-Expansions
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Star Realms Crisis, 4 Mini-Expansions

Bases & Battleshipsincludes a powerful new ship for each faction, along with eight additional ships & bases to add even more variation to your trade deck.
Fleets & Fortresses is for those players who like to stock their side of the board with behemoth bases. The expansion pack is loaded up with a powerful new base for each faction, as well as eight new ships with a variety of cool abilities.
Events add some serious fun to the Star Realms experience. When an event enters the trade row, it’ll immediately shake up the game, destroying bases, letting players draw extra cards, and more!
The Heroes pack adds the second new card type to the game. Heroes are unique, because unlike other Star Realms cards, they immediately enter play when purchased! Each hero has a scrap ability which provides both a specific effect, as well as turning on ally abilities for the turn.

2 Spieler (für jeweils 2 weitere Spieler wird ein zusätzliches Deck benötigt)
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