Whats He Building in There?
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Whats He Building in There?

Now that you have got some experience as an Evil Doctor, it is time to move onward and upward. Where is the place to be in the Evil Doctoring World of the late 1800s? London. What is your plan? Find a cheap warehouse somewhere to build your Doomsday Machine. Scotland Yard is on your trail, however, so in addition to your Doomsday Machine, you will have to build an Escape Plan.

In the worker-placement style game What is He Building in There?, players use their Doctors and three henchmen to acquire resources at the available shops, acquire gold, visit the black markets, provide the Genius at Work labor (GAW), provide Manual Labor (ML), improve the Doctors social standing, and invent things. You must complete both a Doomsday Machine and an Escape Plan, with higher level Doomsday Machines and Escape Plans garnering more victory points, and you need to do it quickly. Scotland Yard is getting suspicious, after all, so you have to do what you need to do in 15 turns. Players can earn additional victory points
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