Walk the Plank
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Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank is a fast-moving card game for three to nine players, ages eight and up. The object is to win the most battles in any given round to become Captain for the next round. But be careful - if you do not win ANY battles in a round, you are out of the game. You are dealt fewer cards in each successive round, and the player who wins the final round wins the game! Play is fast and furious, with an average game time of only 10 minutes.

Walk the Plank comes with a deck of 68 cards. The deck has sixty-five numbered cards, two Walk the Plank! cards, and one Sea Monster! card. The sixty-five numbered cards are divided into five suits: Doubloons, Hookhands, Monkeys, Parrots, and Peglegs. The cards in each suit are numbered 1 through 13, with 1 worth the least and 13 worth the most.

The first dealer, or Captain, deals 7 cards to each player in the first round of seven. Subsequent rounds deal one less card. (Round 2 is 6 cards, Round 3 is 5 cards, etc.) The Captain then turns over the top card on
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