Superhot: The Card Game
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Superhot: The Card Game

Part strategy, part shooter, and undeniably stylish, SUPERHOT is the bestselling independent FPS (First-person Shooter) in which time moves only when you move. After its Steam, Xbox One and VR releases, SUPERHOT is taking its unique game mechanics to the world of tabletop games. SUPERHOT THE CARD GAME was designed with love of the source material, and with meticulous attention to all the details that make SUPERHOT so amazing. The game will be produced in Poland using the highest quality materials, with assistance from our tried and true production partners.

The mechanics of this card game are based on a well-known and award-winning Print and Play game Agent Decker, also created by Manuel Correia.

1-3 Spieler
Ab ca. 12 Jahren

Autor: Manuel Correia
Board & Dice
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