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America, shortly after the first transcontinental junction in 1869. Railroads are developing all over the vast expanses of the wild west, and business is booming. It is a time of adventure, progress, and opportunity. The transcontinental junction was a great milestone in American history, a first step that reshaped a whole continent.

In SteamRollers you are a railroad entrepreneur building a network of tracks and a fleet of train engines to secure freight delivery contracts before your opponents.

The central board has a map with the goods available for delivery. You have a personal play sheet with the same map, on which you draw your rail network and keep track of your engine fleet. When you make a delivery, the goods are removed from the central board and you earn points for cities and towns crossed. Once three cities on the central board have been emptied from available goods, the game ends. You then collect points for your deliveries, your engines, your network, a
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