Next War: Supplement #1
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Next War: Supplement #1

This Next War supplement will contain the following items:

- Cyber Warfare Capabilities
- Alternate Advanced Air Game
- Submarines
- Random Events
- Optional Rules
- One and a half counter sheets (containing the counters necessary for Cyber Warfare, Alternate Air Game, and Submarine Markers as well as some useful game state markers)
- One new Advanced Game Sequence of Play (incorporating necessary changes for the new rules)
- One Player Aid Card

Cyber Warfare Capabilities

Although for the most part, cyber warfare will take place in the shadows and behind the scenes, the very real possibility exists that some fleeting advantage can be gained when targeting enemy warfighting systems. These rules attempt to provide an abstract framework within which this electronic conflict can be gamed to affect the battlefield.

In general, each nation involved in the conflict depicted by the particular game will receive a number of Cyber Warfare Markers each game turn. During th
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