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Mit deutschen Regeln!

It´s the dawn of the Livonian Crusade, and Estonia is being conquered by several nations. The Danish forces of Valdemar the Great are arriving from the West. The Crusaders, led by Bishop Albert, are crossing the borders from the South. Vsevolod, Prince of Novgorod, is attacking from the East. There´s only one hope for Estonians: Lembitu, the leader, who is brave enough to fight against all the conquerors.

Lembitu is a co-operative board game inspired by the events of the Livonian Crusade in Estonia. Players are in the role of generals, fighting against conquerers and initiating rebellions. Actions can be used for movement, fighting or uprisings — but as each player has only a limited number of actions, they must plan carefully. The direction and speed of enemy movement is decided by dice, but the enemy´s ultimate goal is to reach Paide. If they don´t reach it within a fixed amount of turns, the players win.

1-4 Spieler
ab ca. 10 Jahren

Autor: Aigar Alaveer
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