La Cosa Nostra (multilingual), Neuauflage
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La Cosa Nostra (multilingual), Neuauflage

La Cosa Nostra is a game about the New York mafia. It is undoubtedly the most evil game we have ever published (with Halloween being a close second). You are one of several mob bosses roaming the streets of the Big Apple. Rise to the top to become the king of gambling, women, illegal substances and waste management. Form alliances to get ahead, but never trust your friends while building your empire. There will be backstabbing involved. The main mechanics of this card game are negotiation, dice rolling and hand management. Players try to grab the most money, double-crossing other mob bosses in the process. The game takes about an hour and a half to play. Assign tasks to the gangsters in your famiglia using the job cards in your hand, or send them into town to aquire allies and buy businesses, like casinos and nightclubs. The player who has collected the most money after four rounds is the winner of the game. The texts on the cards in the game are in English, but rulebooks in multiple languages are included.
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