Fighting Formations: GD Battle for Kharkov (Exp.)
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Fighting Formations: GD Battle for Kharkov (Exp.)

Fighting Formations: Grossdeutschland Divisions Battle for Kharkov expands upon the original Fighting Formations game by taking the Grossdeutschland Division into 1943 and the winter of 1944. This expansion features ten new scenarios, many using new units for the German and Soviet sides, played on ten new maps.

The new Battle for Kharkov playbook includes the following:

10 new scenarios, including many smaller and shorter engagements
Updated order of battle for GD, encompassing units and hardware added in 1943
Historical notes covering GD’s fighting in the Ukraine
In addition to the new playbook, the game includes 3 large and 2 small back-printed game maps (10 maps total), and a half-sized counter sheet containing new pieces for both the German and Soviet arsenals. New units include:

The Soviet SU-76M Suka open-topped assault gun
SU-85 tank destroyer
T-26b light tank
The German Mk VI Tiger I
7.5cm PaK 40 anti-tank gun
Low quality troops represen
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