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The bombs have fallen. The Earth lies in ruins. In an instant, 99% of the world´s population was dead or would be soon. Life as we knew it was over, and those of us who were lucky enough to survive the initial nuclear fires have had to adapt quickly to our harsh environment, or join the fallen. It has been said that no person has ever been promised a tomorrow, but now, the same could be said for the entire human race.

This post apocalyptic setting is the world of Downfall, a brand new game from designer John D. Clair (Mystic Vale). In this 4X strategy game, each player will take control of a unique faction in the year 2213. It is a bleak and unforgiving future where survival is never certain and there is no prize for second place - you either rise to the top, or you fall into ruin and decay.

Using a unique card drafting mechanism, players will have several options on their turn. Will they forage for resources, abate radiation, or travel and explore the desolated wasteland with their citizens and
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