Stay Away (engl.)
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Stay Away (engl.)

Stay Away! is a game for 4-12 players. The underlying philosophy is to get chills of fear while having fun together.

The concept is simple, but effective: this is basically to track down The Thing , a creature ?awakened from a nauseating eternal slumber on the emerged R´lyeh island, that has the capability of possessing the human body, cloning it and there taking its place. So, as you play you won´t know who “The Thing” is or when someone will become “The Thing” or who is infected or not.

Having good intuition, to be to pretend, lie and keep your nerves and eyes open are the basis of winning the game, but you never know how it will end: you may be following in the footsteps of The Thing but then become Infected and have to negotiate in the name of “The Thing”. Anything can happen and this is what creates chaos, fun and tension in the group of players.

4-12 Spieler
Ab ca. 13 Jahren

Autoren: Antonio Ferrara, Sebastiano Fiorillo
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