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History of the World EN

The Romans. The Mongols. The Ottomans. At their height, these empires stretched to the far corners of the known world and set the course of human civilization for centuries to come. But whether through technological advances, the rise of ambitious new leaders, or unpredictable calamities, even the mightiest of empires has eventually been brought to its knees.

Now take an epic ride through history and experience the ebb and flow of human civilization firsthand. Originally released in 1991, History of the World is now widely regarded as a classic thanks to its grand scale and engaging mechanics. The game covers the dawn of civilization to the twentieth century, during which you spread your empire across globe, gaining points for your conquests. Many prosperous empires will be created as the centuries pass, but only those able to weather unpredictable calamities and score the most points will have their immortal name added to the pages of history.

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