Arkwright 2nd Edition EN
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Arkwright 2nd Edition EN

Englands Industrial Revolution has brought the opportunity for you to establish your manufacturing company and earn hefty profits serving the growing demand. Hire workers, build machines, modernize your factories, develop innovative technologies, and produce and sell your goods throughout England. Careful planning and outsmarting your competition will allow you to earn the most valuable stock portfolio in Arkwright, a game of economic strategy and skill.

Now includes 80 Factory Goods Tokens!

Key Features:

- An economic game during Englands Industrial Revolution for two to four players

- Develop and run your enterprise profitably to ensure the value of its shares rises
- Acquire new technologies and advancements in your factories to differentiate yourself from the competition
- Fulfill contracts with the East India Company by shipping your goods for handsome profits
- Establish your company as a leader among the likes of Richard Arkwright in historic England

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